How to Do the Best
Tricep Bench Dip

A tricep bench dip is an extremely effective exercise that targets the inner head of the triceps. In addition, this exercise also works your pectoral muscles and your entire tricep to impressively shape your upper body.

This exercise is a popular exercise since it can be performed anytime, anywhere, with only your body weight as resistance. If you need to add more of a challenge to the exercise, then you can add weights to increase your challenge as you gain strength.


1. Start the exercise in front of a sturdy workout bench or chair. Place your hands on the edge of the chair near your hips.

2. Slide off of the chair until you are supported by only your arms and legs.

3. Position your legs in a 90° angle, and make sure that your thighs are hip-width apart and parallel with the ground.

4. Slowly lower yourself as you bend your elbows and your knees. Make sure that your lower legs stay perpendicular to the floor.

5. Use your arms to bring your body back to the starting position. Pause at the top of the motion, and quickly contract your triceps.

6. To complete the exercise, perform 15 repetitions in 3 sets. Make sure to rest between each set for at least 30 seconds.

Advanced Tricep Bench Dip

** To see even greater results from this exercise, stretch your legs further out in front of you without bending your knees. When you use this method to place both of your heels on the floor, it will place even greater weight resistance on your triceps.

** If you need more of a challenge, it is helpful to raise one foot off of the floor at a time. This will add even further resistance to your triceps since you are reducing your support in the exercise.

** If you feel that you need more of a challenge as a whole, you can hold a 50 pound weight plate on your upper thighs to make the exercise more difficult.

** If you are holding a weight plate in your tricep bench dip, make sure to have a spotter with you so that you stay safe during the exercise.

The tricep bench dip is an effective exercise since it can be done in any location. If you are someone that travels often, this is a great upper body exercise to take with you on the road since it can be done in your hotel room or even in an airport.

A tricep bench dip focuses primarily upon your body weight to achieve resistance in the exercise. If you are a beginner to the exercise, then make sure to start out with your knees bent and straighten your legs gradually as you begin to increase strength in your triceps.

Just as importantly, it is essential to execute the exercise in a smooth and controlled motion. If you find yourself jerking or quickly moving up and down, then you’re probably not getting the triceps workout that you are looking for.

When you focus on your form and perform the exercise carefully, you will see even greater results in conditioned triceps in a short amount of time.

Tricep dips provided great benefits as they are an isolation exercise. Athletes can use this exercise to fully develop their triceps, which can be advantageous for an athlete like a basketball player.

The motion of the arms in the exercise is also similar to the motion that a cyclist uses when they stand during cycling. These arm muscles can easily become fatigued, so it is important for an athlete like a cyclist to use a tricep bench dip to strengthen their arms accordingly.

If you want to see impressive muscle growth in addition to the use of this exercise, make sure to include healthy protein in your balanced diet. The only way that muscles are able to recover and grow in size is when they are given enough protein to repair themselves.

In addition to adding more protein to your diet, remember to rest for a minimum of one day in between a rigorous upper body workout for the best results.

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