Easy Tricep Extensions Tips:
Shape Your Upper Body!

Tricep extensions are one of the best exercises that you can do using dumbbells to work and define your triceps. True to its name, this exercise will tone and strengthen your triceps, located on the back of your arm.

1. To best perform this exercise, lie flat on your back on a workout bench holding a dumbbell in your hand.

2. Point your upper arm to the ceiling so that it is parallel with your upper body.

3. Bend your elbow at 90°, and slowly begin to straighten your elbow, pushing the weight toward the ceiling.

4. Slowly lower the weight back to starting position.

When you perform this exercise, you will feel tension in your triceps, located on the back of your upper arm.

The Best Tricep Extension Tips

** As you are performing this exercise, make sure that your arm moves slowly and smoothly. It is important not to jerk your arm back and forth as you are extending. If you’re having a hard time stabilizing your arm in this exercise, use your opposite arm to hold your arm in a 90° angle throughout the extension.

** Make sure that your head, spine, and torso are stable but in a relaxed position during the exercise.

** It is best if this exercise is performed on the floor or on a sturdy weight bench.

** If you want to see the greatest results, perform 12 to 15 repetitions in 2 to 3 sets.

Tricep extensions will make a dramatic difference in shaping and defining your arms. When you use this exercise to work your upper body, you will be able to see a horseshoe shape in the muscle to show strength and definition.

The truth is that many people focus on working their biceps to shape their upper body. In reality, the bicep muscle is actually smaller than the tricep. When you use this exercise to workout your tricep effectively, you will be able to balance the shape and improve the size of your upper arm.

Tricep Extensions Variations

Tricep extensions can be done with a number of variations, using cables, barbells, dumbbells, and even your own body weight as resistance.

The primary function of your tricep muscle is to extend your elbow. That is exactly what this exercise will accomplish using weight as a resistance to strengthen the muscle.

The secondary function of the tricep muscle is achieved with the long head; the long head of the muscle will pull the arm back toward the body to complete the exercise.

Cable Tricep Extensions

Another effective way to perform extensions is with the use of a cable machine at the gym. This exercise will still focus upon extending the tricep so that you can work the back of your upper arm. However, tricep cable extensions will be done in the standing position.

1. To begin the cable extensions exercise, grip the bar on the cable machine at roughly 5 inches apart on the handle.

2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and place your arms with your elbows bent at a 90° angle to your body.

3. Slowly push down on the cable until your arms form a straight line parallel with your body. As you push down on the cable, you will be able to feel a strong resistance. This is the extension portion of this exercise.

4. As you pull down in the extension, hold the motion for 2 seconds and contract your arms. This contraction will ensure that you get the best results out of your extensions to shape and define your upper arms.

Another variation of extensions is to use the cable machine with a rope handle. Many people prefer using the rope handle on the cable machine because you can hold the rope with an underhand grip.

This often makes it easier for people to perform the exercise with different widths in their grip to target the tricep muscles effectively.

If you are worried about your form when performing this exercise, then only use one arm at a time on the cable machine. This will allow you to focus on the extension of each arm individually for the best results.

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