Professional Tips for the
Best Tricep Kickback

The tricep kickback is a versatile and helpful exercise if you want to tone and define your upper arms. 

When weight training the upper body, many people put all of their focus on their biceps and shoulders, leaving their triceps flabby and shapeless.

If you want to see true results in shaping and toning your upper body as a man or a woman, the easy tricep kickback is the way to go. This is a simple exercise that you can perform with free weights at home, or you can use dumbbells of different weights when performing this exercise at the gym.

How to Do the Best Tricep Kickback

1. To start this exercise, lean over a workout bench with your right leg on the bench and your right arm supporting your body.

2. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand, and bring your upper arm into your side, parallel to the floor.

3. Extend your arm until it is in a straight line against your body.

4. Slowly return to your starting position, and repeat the exercise in 3 sets with 10 repetitions each. After completing one set, alternate to perform a set on your other arm.

** If you want to improve your range of motion in the kickback, you can position your upper arm with your elbows slightly higher than your shoulder. The key to this kickback exercise is to squeeze your upper arm as you extend the weight.

This will help you to feel the burn in the extension of the exercise, and you will receive even greater results from the kickback motion.

For those of you out there that take pride in the strength of your triceps, the tricep kickback exercise may give you a run for your money.

Since the kickback focuses primarily on the tricep muscle due to the positioning of the exercise, it may be difficult for you to complete a full set of 10 repetitions at your current weight limit.

There is absolutely no shame in lowering your weight to complete the kickback exercise. The point is to perform the exercise with the correct form and technique so that you can legitimately strengthen and tone your triceps.

As your triceps start to grow stronger through the use of the kickback exercise, then you will be able to increase your weight and increase the size of your triceps as a result.

Use the Right Technique

** It’s important to keep in mind that the kickback exercise has the biggest and baddest reputation for poor technique. Many people do not take the time to perform this exercise correctly, meaning that they will not see the results that they are hoping for in building strong tricep muscles.

** Do whatever it takes to focus on your tricep kickback technique, and you will be able to build strength effectively in your upper body.

**The most important thing to remember is not to move your elbow throughout the exercise. If you start to swing your elbow back and forth in the tricep kickback, then your tricep is not getting the proper workout!

** You must extend your arm fully in the kickback, keeping your elbow firmly in place. This will ensure that you hit your tricep muscles hard during the workout.

** It is also effective to pause for 2 seconds at the top of the extension so that your triceps receive the maximum workout based on the weight that you are lifting.

** If you have a difficult time keeping the proper form in the kickback, ask a gym buddy to watch you perform the exercise. Even if you think that you are performing the kickback correctly, it is likely that you are slipping into improper technique from time to time.

** When you take the time to lower the weight that you are lifting and get your technique under control, you can trust that you will see real results from the use of the kickback in your regular workout routine.

** Combine the basic kickback with the rest of your upper body strength training routine to see the greatest results in tone, size, and definition!

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