How to Do Tricep
Pushups the Right Way

Fortunately, performing tricep pushups is quite simple if you want to add this exercise to your regular upper body strength training routine. There are very few exercises that condition and tone the triceps as well as this exercise.

The Benefits of Tricep Pushups

This exercise is a beneficial exercise because it

* will condition and strengthen the back of the upper arm in a short amount of time.

* Since you will be using your upper body as resistance, you can perform this exercise anywhere that you would like. You can do pushups in your living room while watching TV, at the gym as a part of your exercise program, or even in a hotel room if you are traveling.

How to Do Tricep Pushups

The tricep push-up is different from a traditional push-up.

1. Start with your legs extended and your toes on the floor.

2. Place your hands on the floor in front of you with your arms fully extended underneath your shoulders.

3. Instead of keeping your hands apart as you would in a traditional push-up stance, place your hands close together, and touch your index fingers and thumbs together. The hand positioning is the main difference between a tricep push-up exercise and a traditional push-up.

4. Next, slowly bend your elbows down and lower your chest to the floor so that your chest almost touches your hands.

5. Keep your core abdominals very tight, and focus on aligning your body with a neutral spine.

6. Exhale when you exert to return to the starting position. Perform this exercise 8 times in 3 complete sets for your total workout.

If you are a woman doing tricep pushups, you can vary the exercise by bending at the knees. This will still make the exercise challenging enough to significantly tone your upper body, and you can work to increase your strength until your upper body is strong enough to complete the exercise in regular push-up position.

As a variation of the exercise, focus on holding your elbows against your side as you perform a traditional push-up. When you keep your elbows close to your sides throughout the push-up motion, it will target your triceps effectively as you push up and down to complete the exercise.

In order to see the greatest results from this exercise, alternate it with a traditional push-up. A push-up will workout your upper arms, biceps, and chest, and the tricep push-up will focus specifically on your triceps.

When it comes to this exercise, it is important to focus on your form most of all. If you are working out with an exercise partner, then make sure that you watch each other’s form carefully.

If you start to slump or strain your back, that could easily cause a back injury. Even more importantly, if you are not focusing on your form throughout the exercise, then you will not receive the results that you have been hoping for.

Tricep pushups are beneficial exercises when added to any upper body strength training routine. The difference in a tricep push-up versus a regular push-up is that it will take the focus from working the chest and place it on the triceps.

If you often workout at home and don’t have access to traditional gym equipment, this is one of the best ways to quickly tone your triceps without the use of dumbbells, barbells, or free weights.

Stability Ball Variations

If you often workout with a stability ball to improve your balance and posture, you can do a tricep push-up on top of the ball. Since the tricep push-up is a very challenging exercise, performing the exercise bent over a stability ball will take the pressure off of your back and pelvis.

Start by performing pushups in 10 repetitions in 3 sets on a stability ball. In order to make the exercise more challenging, walk your hands out further from the stability ball so that more of your weight rests on your upper body.

Once you have built up enough strength, you can work your way off of the stability ball and begin doing traditional tricep pushups on the floor.

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