What Is a Triceps Press Down?
Learn to Tone Your Upper Arms

If you are familiar with all of the equipment at your gym, then you probably know that the triceps press down is one of the most popular gym exercises worldwide.

This exercise is highly effective because it is a type of isolation exercise. This means that when you perform the press down correctly, you will be able to completely exercise and target your tricep muscles.

If you are in the need of a new upper arm workout, the basic press down is a good place to begin. It can be integrated into your upper body weight training routine when you target your chest, shoulders, back, and even abdomen.

The point of the matter is that your upper arm workout routine needs to be diversified and include the triceps press down if you want any hope of balancing and defining your upper body. So many people make the mistake of only focusing on their biceps when it comes to their upper arms.

However, you need to take the time to target both your biceps and your triceps effectively with an exercise like the triceps press down.

How to Do the Triceps Press Down

The press down can be performed with a cable pulley machine and a small bar at the gym. You can also use a rope with the pulley machine to alternate if necessary.

To perform variations of the press down, try the reverse grip in the press down. You can also use a single arm for the press down to target each arm effectively with more weight.

1. Adjust the pulley machine so that the pulley is at the highest level with the bar attached.

2. Grip the bar with your palms in the downward position and your hands at shoulder width apart.

3. Pull the bar down until your forearms become parallel to the floor. This is the starting position for your triceps press down.

4. Keep your elbows tucked close to your body, and begin to straighten your arms completely. At the end of the triceps press down, your arms should be completely extended.

5. Now bring the weight back up to the starting position slowly and with care. It is important not to jerk or pull the weight up quickly since you will not achieve the results that you are hoping for.

6. Continue to repeat this exercise for 10 repetitions in 3 sets.

As you can see, the press down is not nearly as complicated as you may think. In this exercise, your form and technique are everything. It is important that you keep your feet firmly on the floor with your knees bent comfortably.

It is also necessary that your elbows remain tight at your sides at all times so that you don’t risk straining or injuring your upper body.

On top of that, a smooth and steady motion is necessary for the press down. All of your motions need to be controlled throughout the exercise. As you are pressing the weight down, make sure that the movement is gentle.

When your arms are fully extended, slowly bring the weight back to the starting position. If you move quickly throughout the exercise, then your muscles will not receive the best results in targeted weight training.

The press down is an exercise appropriate for both men and women. However, it is important to use the proper amount of weight in the exercise.

If you use weight that is too heavy, then you will likely compromise your form and negate your results from the exercise. If you use weight on the machine that is too light, then you will not be challenged by the exercise and will not get the definition that you are hoping for.

The press down is an ideal exercise to pair with the rest of your upper body training. As a rule of thumb, make sure to allow your muscles time to rest after a hard upper body workout.

It is best to allow a minimum of one day of rest between your weight training exercises. If you workout your upper body particularly hard, then allow at least 48 hours for your muscles to rest and repair so that you can bounce back again.

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