Upper Chest Exercises:
Tone Your Upper Body Fast

Upper chest exercises are one of the most versatile exercises to add to your regular workout routine. Many people prefer this exercise since you often don’t have to go to a gym or even have special equipment to do the exercises.

If you are already strength training your upper body, chest exercises are one of the best exercises to add to your workout routine. This exercise will work to condition your upper body and work your upper arms at the same time.

Chest exercises provide a wide variety of choices in your strength training routine. Men primarily rely on upper chest exercises to workout their pecs and upper arms at the same time. If you want to build an attractive and masculine physique with a square upper body, then upper chest exercises are the way to go.

Here are some of the best upper chest exercises to begin with:

Incline Bench Press:

The incline bench press may be an exercise that you are already familiar with in chest exercises. It's important to start at a 30° angle on your weight bench and perform 10 to 12 repetitions of a regular bench press.

You can add a challenge by adjusting the bench to 45° to do another set with the same weight class. For an even greater challenge, move the bench to 60° and continue another set with the same weight.

Incline Flies:

Another excellent choice in chest exercises that you can use in the same position is the incline fly. This exercise will be performed on the incline bench and will work well to tone and shape your inner pecs.

Perform this exercise by holding two dumbbells in the air directly over your chest, and slowly lower both dumbbells out to the side for one repetition. Return to starting position, and repeat the exercise for 12 repetitions in 3 sets.

The Best Strength Training Tips

Adding upper chest exercises to your strength training routine is just one piece of the puzzle.

** It is important to use a complete upper body and lower body workout if you want to see results in strength training.

** It’s also critical to pair your upper body strength training routine with a cardio workout in order to see the best results.

** Some people make the mistake of training and training their upper and lower body yet they don’t do any cardio exercise.

That doesn’t make any sense! If you don’t do cardio exercise, then you will not be able to burn additional calories. If you can’t burn additional calories, then it will be hard to maintain a healthy body weight.

If you can’t maintain a healthy body weight, then you won’t be able to see results from the muscles that you have built through upper chest exercises!

** Remember to start out slowly in your strength training routine. There is nothing wrong with doing variations of these exercises until you build up strength.

** As with the rest of your upper body routine, it is best to start out with weights that are comfortable for you and increase as needed as you start to build your strength.

** To see the greatest results from both strength training and cardio exercise, it is best to change up your exercise program at least every 4 to 6 weeks.

If you do the same chest exercises over and over and over again, then your muscles will get used to the exercises so that they won’t present a challenge any longer. Try to research new exercises and change up your exercise routine accordingly to keep your muscles challenged and strong.

** Last of all, change the order of the exercises in your regular workout plan. If you normally do upper body strength training in a particular order, mix it up, or do the workout backward. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in conditioning and strengthening your muscles!

It is also helpful to change up the number of sets that you do with varying weight resistance. As an example, workout one day with more repetitions and a lighter weight and workout the next day with less repetitions at a heavier weight to challenge your muscles.

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