The Great Benefits of the
Wrist Curl Exercise

Although the wrist curl exercise may seem simple and basic, it provides serious results and definition in strengthening your forearms.

Strengthening your forearms is very important if you want to see complete results in your arm workout program, and strong forearms will make it even easier for you to increase your size and muscle mass in your upper arms, chest, and back.

This exercise is an easy exercise that will isolate the muscles in your forearms, and it can be done with either dumbbells or a barbell.

1. To start this exercise, sit on a bench with your forearms lightly resting on your thighs, and hold a dumbbell in either hand.

2. Make sure that your palms are facing up throughout this exercise, and keep your wrists straight so that they are directly above your knees.

3. Start the motion with your wrist down, and the dumbbell held lightly in your fingers.

4. In one motion, curl your fingers and wrist upward, and hold this motion for several seconds.

5. Lower back down slowly, and repeat the exercise 10 times in three sets.

To execute the best wrist curl exercise, make sure that your elbows stay firmly on your thighs and parallel to your wrists at all times. This will prevent any strain or injury in your range of motion, and it will also make sure that you get the most out of this forearm exercise.

A variation to this exercise can also be performed with your palms facing down.

1. Start out the exercise with your forearms resting on your thighs, and hold a dumbbell in either hand with your palms facing downward.

2. Make sure that your wrists are just above your knees, and start the motion with your wrist downward, holding a dumbbell in your hand.

3. Curl your wrist up as far as you can, and hold this motion for several seconds.

4. Again, repeat the exercise 10 times in three sets, and make sure to keep your elbows and wrists parallel at all times.

Although this curl motion seems quite simple, it is the foundation you need for a complete and effective arm workout.

If you are not exercising your forearms, then you are truly missing out on the results that you can receive in strengthening your arms and upper body. This strengthening exercise is also quite effective for athletes who play sports like basketball, football, and hockey, where they require a better grip and strength in their forearms.

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